Brother Samson (deceased)

A silent, wrathful, mountain of a man.


Complicated History (Mountain Person convert)

Acuity: 1d6
Body: 9d6
Heart: 2d6
Will: 4d6

Built like a brick-shithouse 3d10
Quiet 1d6
Good with animals 1d6
I live up to my name 2d8
Can speak the Mountain People tongue 1d6
Weary of guns 2d8
I did not convince my teacher that Mountain Folk can be good Faithful 1d6
Too stupid to dodge 3d4
I lose control when my blood gets hot 1d4

Wrath 2d6
Dogs 1d6
Job (teacher) 1d6
Jedediah (smith of Northstead Branch) 1d4
Michael (appointed Steward of Northstead Branch, sorcerer) 1d6
Bird Demon of Northstead Branch 1d6
(1d4 free dice)

Tomahawk 2d6
Bowie knife 1d8
Honey (brother’s wolf mutt) 2d6
Brother’s old horse 1d4

Green and brown weave. Initially made too small for Brother Samson, so his teachers had to expand it in the arms, shoulders, and back with blue cloth (all they had). Peppered with holes ripped by the beaks of birds, and splattered with blood. 1d4


Brother Samson (deceased)

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